2020 Volume 19: Issue 1

2020 Volume 19: Issue 1


Reproducible Quantitative Stimulation Allows New Analysis of Crayfish Muscle Receptor Organ Responses
By Ambrosini AE & Gelperin A

Dissecting the Molecular and Neural Circuit Bases of Behavior as an Introduction to Discovery-Driven Research: A Report on a Course-Based Undergraduate Research Experience
By Himmel NJ, Letcher JM, & Cox DN

Evaluation of Students’ Conceptual Organization of Neuroscience May Depend on the Expert Referent
By Stevenson JL, Yeagley NC, and Bish, JP

Physiologists Turned Geneticists: Identifying Transcripts and Genes for Neuronal Function in the Marbled Crayfish, Procambarus virginalis
By Stein W, Talasu S, Vidal-Gadea A, DeMaegd ML

Integrating Research into the Undergraduate Curriculum:  1. Early Research Experiences and Training
By Buffalari D, Fernandes JJ, Chase L, Lom B, McMurray MS, Morrison ME, Stavnezer AJ

Integrating Research into the Undergraduate Curriculum:  2. Scaffolding Research Skills and Transitioning toward Independent Research
By Morrison ME, Lom B, Buffalari D, Chase L, Fernandes JJ, McMurray MS, Stavnezer AJ

Integrating Research into the Undergraduate Curriculum:  3. Research Training in the Upper-level Neuroscience Curriculum
By Chase L, McMurray M, Stavnezer AJ, Buffalari D, Fernandes JJ, Lom B, Morrison ME

A Capstone Course Where Students Present Contemporary Neuroscience Research to High School Students
By Kouh M

Learning How to Code While Analyzing an Open Access Electrophysiology Dataset
By Juavinett A

Non-Disposable Assignments for Remote Neuroscience Laboratory Teaching Using Analysis of Human Data
By Seraphim SB, Stock S

Highlighting Diversity in Neuroscience through Course Content
By Linden ML, Kruskop J, Kitlen E

Developing and Implementing Low-Cost Remote Laboratories for Undergraduate Biology and Neuroscience Courses
By Hanzlick-Burton C, Ciric J, Diaz-Rios M, Colgan, W III, Gage GJ
Supplementary Material 1

Inexpensive Methods for Live Imaging of Central Pattern Generator Activity in the Drosophila Larval Locomotor System
By Booth JRH, Sane V, Gather MC, Pulver SR

Building Your Own Neuroscience Equipment: A Precision Micromanipulator and an Epi-fluorescence Microscope for Calcium Imaging
By Ryan J, Johnson BR, Deitcher D

2020 Volume 18: Issue 2

2020 Volume 18: Issue 2


When the COVID-19 Pandemic Changed Neuroscience Education
By Ramos RL

Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience (FUN) Statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
By Bayline RJ, Morrison ME, Illig KR, Martinez-Acosta VG, Becker LA, Favero CB, McFarlane HG, Chase LA, Banks, SML Griffin GD, Robinson S, Rose JK, Tong MT, Basu AC, Chan JP

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