2015 Volume 14 : Issue 1


Psychoactive Substances Bill and Act of New Zealand:  A Chance to Engage Undergraduate Scientists with Society using a Transfer Learning Paradigm
by Catherine M. Gliddon & Belinda Cridge

Snack Cake ‘Dissection’: A Flipped Classroom Exercise to Engage Undergraduates with Basic Neuroanatomy
by Todd D. Watson

Pencil-and-Paper Neural Networks: An Undergraduate Laboratory Exercise in Computational Neuroscience
by Kevin M. Crisp, Ellen N. Sutter, & Jacob A. Westerberg

Developing the Next Generation of Civic-Minded Neuroscience Scholars: Incorporating Service Learning and Advocacy Throughout a Neuroscience Program
by Cecilia M. Fox

Extracellular Recording of Light Responses from Optic Nerve Fibers and the Caudal Photoreceptor in the Crayfish
by Steven C. Nesbit, Alexander G. Van Hoof, Chi C. Le, & James R. Dearworth, Jr.          Supplementary Material

Non-Fiction Memoirs in the Neuroscience Classroom: A Window into the Minds of Those Affected by Addiction
by Alexia E. Pollack

Using Tinbergen’s Four Questions as the Framework for a Neuroscience Capstone Course
by John Meitzen                 Supplementary Material

Undergraduate Biocuration: Developing Tomorrow’s Researchers While Mining Today’s Data
by Cassie S. Mitchell, Ashlyn Cates, Renaid B. Kim, & Sabrina K. Hollinger

The Cognitive Neuroscience of Sign Language: Engaging Undergraduate Students’ Critical Thinking Skills Using the Primary Literature
by Courtney Stevens

A Series of Computational Neuroscience Labs Increases Comfort with MATLAB
by David F. Nichols

Excitable Membranes and Action Potentials in Paramecia: An Analysis of the Electrophysiology of Ciliates
by Charles H. Schlaepfer & Ralf Wessel

Media Reviews

Looking Inside the Brain:  The Power of Neuroimaging
by Denis Le Bihan
reviewed by Barbara Lom

An Instructor’s Guide to (Some of) the Most Amazing Papers in Neuroscience
reviewed by Ian A. Harrington, William Grisham, D. J. Brasier, Shawn P. Gallagher, Samantha S. Gizerian, Rupa G. Gordon, Megan H. Hagenauer, Monica L. Linden, Barbara Lom, Richard Olivo, Noah J. Sandstrom, Shara Stough, Ilya Vilinsky, & Michael C. Wiest

Consciousness: Confessions of a Romantic Reductionist
by Kristof Koch
reviewed by Ian A. Harrington

Tales from Both Sides of the Brain
by Michael S. Gazzaniga
reviewed by Ian A. Harrington

The Synapse: Structure and Function
edited by Virginia Pickel and Menahem Segal
reviewed by Neal R. Melvin

Waking, Dreaming, Being
by Evan Thompson
reviewed by James W. Kalat