2013 Volume 12 : Issue 1


Three Colossal Neurons: A New Approach to an Old Classroom Demonstration
by SR Holloway

Engaging the Audience: Developing Presentation Skills in Science Students
by AE Stuart

MetaNeuron: A Free Neuron Simulation Program for Teaching Cellular Neurophysiology
by MH Newman and EA Newman

Using Case Studies as a Semester-Long Tool to Teach Neuroanatomy and Structure-Function Relationships to Undergraduates
by S Kennedy

Can You Change a Student’s Mind in a Course about the Brain? Belief Change Following an Introductory Course in Biological Psychology
by IA Harrington

Pleasure and Pain: Teaching Neuroscientific Principles of Hedonism in a Large General Education Undergraduate Course
by RJ Bodnar et al.

The Use of Haiku to Convey Complex Concepts in Neuroscience
by AE Pollack and DL Korol

Basic Neuron Model Electrical Equivalent Circuit: An Undergraduate Laboratory Exercise
by KM Dabrowski et al.

Community-Based Experiential Learning for Second Year Neuroscience Undergraduates
by HJ Yu et al.
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Studying Temporal Properties of Stimulus-Evoked Responses in the Ventral Nerve Cord of Insects
by MJ Ferragamo

Using Crickets to Introduce Neurophysiology to Early Undergraduate Students
by RK Dagda et al.

The Use of Mock NSF-type Grant Proposals and Blind Peer Review as the Capstone Assignment in Upper-Level Neurobiology and Cell Biology Courses
by H Itagaki

Engaging Undergraduates in a Unique Neuroscience Research Opportunity: A Collaborative Research Experience Between a Primarily Undergraduate Institution (PUI) and a Major Research Institution
by MA Kreitzer & RP Malchow

Media Reviews

Book Review
Beyond The Brain: How Body and Environment Shape Animal and Human Minds
by Louise Barrett
reviewed by AL Cecala