About Us

JUNE is an online journal for undergraduate neuroscience faculty that publishes peer-reviewed reports of innovations in undergraduate neuroscience education.  JUNE serves as a mechanism for faculty to exchange information regarding topics such as laboratory exercises, new media, curricular considerations, and teaching methods.

Read more about JUNE’s origin and history and click below to learn more about the members of our editorial board.

Editorial Board

Elaine Reynolds
Lafayette College

Robert Calin-Jageman
Dominican University

Gary Dunbar
Central Michigan University

Cristin Gavin
Associate Editor
University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)

William Grisham

Ian Harrington
Associate Editor
(Amazing Papers Special Editor)
Augustana College

Kurt Illig
University of St. Thomas

Bruce Johnson
Senior and Special Issue Editor
Cornell University

Ashley Juavinett
University of California, San Diego

Yuan Yuan Kang
FUN Vice-President
University of Houston, Downtown

Barbara Lom
Davidson College

Michelle Mynlieff
Marquette University

Andrea Nicholas
Associate Editor
University of California, Irvine

Julio Ramirez
Davidson College

Raddy Ramos
Senior Editor
New York Institute of Technology

Erin Rinehardt
FUN President
Susquehanna University

Sally Seraphin
Associate Editor
Trinity College

Amy Jo Stavnezer
College of Wooster

Eric Wiertelak
Macalester College

Bob Wyttenbach
Emory University

Michael Zigmond
University of Pittsburgh