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2022 Volume 20: Issue 3




Effective Development of a Remote Full-Day Summer Neuroscience Program at the University of Pennsylvania
By Hipolit KA

Feasibility and Utility of a Virtual Reality Laboratory Exercise in an Undergraduate Neuroscience Course
By Broomell APR, Allison M, Ellern GD

An Online Course in Contemplative Neuroscience Increases Dispositional Mindfulness and Reduces Meditation Barriers
By Wolfe U, Batoyun T

Opportunities to Discuss Diversity-Related Topics in Neuroscience Courses
By Schreiber WB, Robinson-Drummer PA

The FUN Exchange: A Community-Driven Repository of Resources for Neuroscience Educators
By Jorgensen C, Wright M

Technical Papers

Media Reviews

AMAZING PAPERS: Teaching the Applications of CRISPR/Cas9: Using the African Turquoise Killifish as a Novel Model of Aging and Age-Related Diseases
By Hooper FW, Morrow J, Rodriguez J, Webb C

Book Review: So You Want to be a Neuroscientist by Ashley Juanvinett
By Hoy RR