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2021 Volume 20: Issue 1




DRD4 Allele Frequency as a Lab Exercise in Neuroscience and Genetics Courses
By Koob AO, Ballantyne S, Leveque A, Qureshi AA, Congdon S

Pedagogical Activities for Assessing Human and Rat Taste-Related Behavioral Responses to Gymnema sylvestre
By Na ES, Morris MJ

Signal: A Neurotransmission Board Game
By Kaur AW

Race and the Ivory Tower: An Antiracism Exercise for an Undergraduate Neuroscience Classroom
By Roth JR, Gavin CF

Class Size and Student Performance in a Team-Based Learning Course
By Ng M, Newpher TM

A Semester without Exams: Approaches in a Small And Large Course
By Branco RC

Open-Ended Inquiry into Zebrafish Nerve Development Using Image Analysis
By Petersen SC

The Open Neuroscience Initiative: A Free-to-Access and -Adopt Digital Textbook for Undergraduate Students of Introductory Neuroscience
By Lim SAO

Quantitative Characterization of Output from the Directionally Selective Visual Interneuron H1 in the Grey Flesh Fly Sarcophaga bullata
By Gelperin A, Ambrosini AE

Pandemic Teaching: Using the Allen Cell Types Database for Final Semester Projects in an Undergraduate Neurophysiology Lab Course
By Ho Y-Y, Roeser A, Law G, Johnson BR
Supplementary Material

Case Studies

The Simpsons Neuron: A Case Study Exploring Neuronal Coding and the Scientific Method for Introductory and Advanced Neuroscience Courses
By Cammack KM, Teppert TR, Cook-Snyder DR