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2021 Volume 19: Issue 2




Effective Use of Student-Created Case Studies as Assessment in an Undergraduate Neuroscience
By Bindelli DM, Kafura SAM, Laci A, Losurdo NA, Cook-Snyder DR

Teaching Neuroimmunology to Undergraduate Students: Resource for Full Course or Modular Implementation
By Watanabe J

Teaching Computation in Neuroscience: Notes on the 2019 Society for Neuroscience Professional Development Workshop on Teaching
By Grisham W, Abrams M, Babiec WE, Fairhall AL, Kass RE, Wallisch P, Olivo R

Integrating Service Learning into a Neuropsychopharmacology Course
By Cammack KM, Melton C

Cooperative Group Learning in Undergraduate Neuroscience: Using Simulations to Complement Problem-Solving Assignments
By Northcutt KV

Reading the Brain: An Interdisciplinary First-Year Seminar on the Intersection of Neuroscience, Literature, and Popular Culture
By Wilson KD, Berg TF

A Course-Based Research Experience Using the Allen Brain Map: From Research Question to Poster Session
By Ryan J, Casimo K

Case Study

Phantom limb pain: feeling sensation from a limb that is no longer present and what it can reveal about our brain anatomy
By Lemons ML

Media Reviews

AMAZING PAPERS IN NEUROSCIENCE: Teaching Principles of Place Cells
By Sane VA

AMAZING PAPERS IN NEUROSCIENCE: Getting Graded: Teaching Principles of Chemical Synaptic Transmission without Action Potentials
By Strathern L

AMAZING PAPERS IN NEUROSCIENCE: Exploring the Genetic Underpinnings of Aggression in Drosophila melanogaster
By Takemori T

AMAZING PAPERS IN NEUROSCIENCE: Examining Empathy through Consolation Behavior in Prairie Voles
By Wilson JM