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2020, Volume 19: Issue 1




Reproducible Quantitative Stimulation Allows New Analysis of Crayfish Muscle Receptor Organ Responses
By Ambrosini AE & Gelperin A

Evaluation of Students’ Conceptual Organization of Neuroscience May Depend on the Expert Referent
By Stevenson JL, Yeagley NC, and Bish, JP

Physiologists Turned Geneticists: Identifying Transcripts and Genes for Neuronal Function in the Marbled Crayfish, Procambarus virginalis
By Stein W, Talasu S, Vidal-Gadea A, DeMaegd ML

Integrating Research into the Undergraduate Curriculum:
1. Early Research Experiences and Training
By Buffalari D, Fernandes JJ, Chase L, Lom B, McMurray MS, Morrison ME, Stavnezer AJ

Integrating Research into the Undergraduate Curriculum:
2. Scaffolding Research Skills and Transitioning toward Independent Research
By Morrison ME, Lom B, Buffalari D, Chase L, Fernandes JJ, McMurray MS, Stavnezer AJ

Integrating Research into the Undergraduate Curriculum:
3. Research Training in the Upper-level Neuroscience Curriculum
By Chase L, McMurray M, Stavnezer AJ, Buffalari D, Fernandes JJ, Lom B, Morrison ME

A Capstone Course Where Students Present Contemporary Neuroscience Research to High School Students
By Kuoh M

Learning How to Code While Analyzing an Open Access Electrophysiology Dataset
By Juavinett A

Technical Papers

Media Reviews

AMAZING PAPERS IN NEUROSCIENCE: Sparse Neural Representation of Odor Predicts Learning
By McManus J

AMAZING PAPERS IN NEUROSCIENCE: Does It Feel Right or Wrong? The Neuroscience of Moral Judgement
By Delgado-Sanchez A

AMAZING PAPERS IN NEUROSCIENCE: Primary Literature In Clinical Neuroscience for In-Person Or Remote Instruction
By Ramos RL, Lodato Z, Sweiss R, Kanchana V, Nicholas A

AMAZING PAPERS IN NEUROSCIENCE: The Legacy of the Kennard Principle
By Elliott D

Exploring Neuroplasticity in the Classroom: Teaching Cortical Reorganization in the Visual System with a Stroke Patient Study
By Housman HAR

AMAZING PAPERS IN NEUROSCIENCE: Discovering Memory: Using Sea Slugs to Teach learning and Memory
By Riegel DC