2015 Volume 14 Issue 1



Psychoactive Substances Bill and Act of New Zealand:  A Chance to Engage Undergraduate Scientists with Society using a Transfer Learning Paradigm
by CM Gliddon and B Cridge

Snack Cake 'Dissection':  A Flipped Classroom Exercise to Engage Undergraduates with Basic Neuroanatomy
by TD Watson

Pencil-and-Paper Neural Networks: An Undergraduate Laboratory Exercise in Computational Neuroscience
by KM Crisp et al.

Developing the Next Generation of Civic-Minded Neuroscience Scholars:  Incorporating Service Learning and Advocacy Throughout a Neuroscience Program
by CM Fox

Extracellular Recording of Light Responses from Optic Nerve Fibers and the Caudal Photoreceptor in the Crayfish
by SC Nesbit et al.          Supplementary Material

Non-Fiction Memoirs in the Neuroscience Classroom:  A Window into the Minds of Those Affected by Addiction
by AE Pollack

Using Tinbergen’s Four Questions as the Framework for a Neuroscience Capstone Course
by J Meitzen                 Supplementary Material

Undergraduate Biocuration: Developing Tomorrow’s Researchers While Mining Today’s Data
by CS Mitchell et al.

Media Reviews

Book Review:
Looking Inside the Brain:  The Power of Neuroimaging

by Denis Le Bihan
reviewed by BA Lom

Review:  (Peer-Selected Neuroscience Papers)
An Instructor’s Guide to (Some of) the Most Amazing Papers in Neuroscience
reviewed by IA Harrington et al.



Eric Wiertelak
Macalester College

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Senior Editor
Central Michigan University

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Associate Editor
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Elizabethtown College

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Ithaca College

James Kalat
North Carolina State

Barbara Lom
Davidson College

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Marquette University

Julio Ramirez
Davidson College

Raddy L. Ramos
NY College of Osteopathic Medicine/NY Institute of Technology

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College of Wooster

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Emory University

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University of Pittsburgh