2015 Volume 13 Issue 2


OPINION - A Changing Tide: What the New ‘Foundations of Behavior’ Section of the 2015 Medical College Admissions Test® Might Mean for Undergraduate Neuroscience Programs
by JR Prichard

There are So Many I Want to Thank: Inviting the Neuroscience Classroom into Hollywood
by EP Wiertelak, Editor-in-Chief


Dark Adaptation and Purkinje Shift:  A Laboratory Exercise in Perceptual Neuroscience
by U Wolfe & N Ali

Brain Literate: Making Neuroscience Accessible to a Wider Audience of Undergraduates
by D Salomon et al.

A Classic Improved:  Minor Tweaks Yield Major Benefits in Crayfish Slow-Flexor Preparations
by C Weller et al.

Mad Dogs, Vampires, and Zombie Ants: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Teaching Neuroscience, Behavior, and Microbiology
by DJ Esteban & KS Holloway

Undergraduate Neuropharmacology: A Model for Delivering College-Level Neuroscience to High School Students in situ
by LE Martin-Morris et al.

Exercises in Anatomy, Connectivity, and Morphology using Neuromorpho.org and the Allen Brain Atlas
by P Chu et al.

Teaching Science Writing in an Introductory Lab Course
by SE Holstein et al.              Supplementary Material:    #1 #2 #3 #4

Active Learning in a Neuroethics Course Positively Impacts Moral Judgment Development in Undergraduates
by D Abu-Odeh et al.


Neuroanatomy of Language Regions of the Human Brain
by Michael Petrides
reviewed by DY Harvey

Neuroscience for Kids:  Online Resources that Promote Student Engagement, Teaching and Learning about the Brain
by Eric H. Chudler
reviewed by TK Karikari



Eric Wiertelak
Macalester College

Gary Dunbar
Senior Editor
Central Michigan University

Bruce Johnson
Associate Editor
Cornell University

Aaron Cecala
Elizabethtown College

William Grisham

Jean Hardwick
Ithaca College

James Kalat
North Carolina State

Barbara Lom
Davidson College

Michelle Mynlieff
Marquette University

Julio Ramirez
Davidson College

Raddy L. Ramos
NY College of Osteopathic Medicine/NY Institute of Technology

Amy Jo Stavnezer
College of Wooster

Bob Wyttenbach
Emory University

Michael Zigmond
University of Pittsburgh

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