The FUN Exchange: A Community-Driven Repository of Resources for Neuroscience Educators

Claudia Jorgensen and Michael Wright


Even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, higher education was facing pressure both to modify traditional instruction practices to more learner-centered instruction and to meet the increased demand for flexible instruction (including hybrid and online).  These pressures have increased the need for high quality, engaging content for instruction across all modalities (including in-person, hybrid, and online).  To address this need of neuroscience educators, we developed the FUN Exchange, an online repository that is accessible to educators without a paid membership and that is endorsed by the Faculty of Undergraduate Neuroscience organization.  Furthermore, the resource is community-driven, allowing educators to contribute and vet submissions to the Exchange.  Hosted on AirTable, there are currently more than 475 resources available that are organized by resource type ranging from Class Activities to Simulation Exercises and that can be searched by subject area as well as key words.  We believe the FUN Exchange can be a one-stop shop for educators interested in high-quality neuroscience teaching resources useful for all teaching modalities—in-person, hybrid, and online.