2018 Volume 17: Issue 2




Long Term Potentiation in Mouse Hippocampal Slices in an Undergraduate Laboratory Course
By Quinan V, Dugar A, & Bauer D
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Hands-on Undergraduate Experiences Using Low-Cost Electroencephalography (EEG) Devices
By Segawa JA

Models for Spiking Neurons: Integrate-and-Fire Units and Relaxation Oscillators
By Crisp K

Development of an Introductory Neuroscience Teaching Experience for Undergraduates with a Low-Cost Neuroscience Summer Academy
By Colpitts KN, Seymour KP, & Harris Bozer AL

An Effective Model for Engaging Faculty and Undergraduate Students in Neuroscience Outreach with Middle Schoolers
By Vollbrecht PJ, Frenette RS, & Gall AJ

Motivation, Belongingness, and Anxiety in Neuroscience Undergraduates: Emphasizing First Generation College Students
By Gaudier-Diaz MM, Sinisterra M, & Muscatell KA

Development Of Low-Cost Tactile Neuroanatomy Learning Tools For Students With Visual-Impairment
By Diniz GB & Sita LV

Neuroscience and Education Colleagues Collaborate to Design and Assess Effective Brain Outreach for Preschoolers
By Brown AR, Egan M, Lynch S, & Buffalari D

Case Studies

Two Scientists Share Nobel Prize for the First Time! A Case Study Developed for Exploring the History of Neuroanatomy
By Mitrano DA

Technical Papers

An Electrophysiological Investigation Of Power-Amplification In The Ballistic Mantis Shrimp Punch
By Pollak DJ, Feller KD, Serbe E, Mircic S, & Gage GJ
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