2011 Volume 10 Issue 1


Unquenchable Neuroscience
By W Grisham

Input-output: The Role of Undergraduate Curriculum in Successful Graduate Training in the Neurosciences

By S Mennerick
Supplementary Material


Strategies For Fostering Synergy between Neuroscience Programs and Chemistry Departments
By DJ Ulness & JR Mach

A Mechanism for Multidisciplinary Dialogue:  The Memory & ... Series
By KS Multhaup et al.

The Use of "Non-Fiction Novels" in a Sensation and Perception Course
By KL Gunther

Human Brains Engaged in Rat Brains:  Student-driven Neuroanatomy Research in an Introductory Biology Lab Course
By SM Gardner et al.

Decreasing Neuroscience Anxiety in an Introductory Neuroscience Course:  An Analysis Using Data from a Modified Science Anxiety Scale
By M Birkett & K Shelton

Integrating Community Outreach into the Undergraduate Neuroscience Classroom
By C Stevens
Supplementary Material, Examples 1-3

"Writing in Neuroscience":  A Course Designed for Neuroscience Undergraduate Students
By J Adams

Practical Experience with Age-related Dementia:  Implementation and Outcomes of a Semester-long Service Learning Project in Neuropsychology
By M Olson

Use of Personal EEG Monitors in a Behavioral Neuroscience Course to Investigate Natural Setting Sleep Patterns and the Factors Affecting Them in College Students
By JC Marshall et al.

A Conceptual Framework for Interdisciplinary Curriculum Design: A Case Study in Neuroscience
By M Modo & I Kinchin

Design Plans for an Inexpensive Tail Flick Analgesia Meter
By A Otto et al.
Supplementary Material

A Modified Golgi-Cox Procedure for use in Undergraduate Courses
By KA Wright et al.



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