2009 Volume 7 Issue 2


A Special Time for JUNE
By Gary L. Dunbar

Interview: Donald G. Stein: Pioneer in the Areas of Neuroplasticity and Recovery of Function
By Gary L. Dunbar

Commentary: Developing New Courses and Exploring New Teaching Approaches: The Role of “Unexpected Feedback”
By Cynthia Gibson


The Flatworm Planaria as a Toxicology and Behavioral Pharmacology Animal Model in Undergraduate Research Experiences
By Oné R. Pagán, Tamara Coudron, and Tanvi Kaneria

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Every Cell Counts: An Inquiry-Based Approach to Address a Novel Research Question in an Undergraduate Neuroscience Lab
By Melissa A. Birkett

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Northeast Under/graduate Research Organization for Neuroscience (NEURON): Our Thirteenth Conference for Neuroscience Trainees and Educators
By Jay P. McLaughlin, Stacey Gomes, Angela Seliga, Sharon Ramos Goyette, Amy Morrison, Christian G. Reich, Cheryl A. Frye

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Successful Integration of Interactive Neuroscience Simulations into a Non-Laboratory Sensation & Perception Course
By Uta Wolfe

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Interactive Methods for Teaching Action Potentials, an Example of Teaching Innovation from Neuroscience Postdoctoral Fellows in the Fellowships in Research and Science Teaching (FIRST) Program
By E. Keen-Rhinehart, A. Eisen, D. Eaton, and K. McCormack

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The Student Surgeon: A Behavioral Neuroendocrinology Laboratory Exercise in Rats
By Meg E. Kirkpatrick

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Media Reviews

Media Review: Dissection of the Human Brain
Reviewed by Douglas A. Weldon



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