2007 Volume 5 Issue 2


JUNE as the Voice for Undergraduate Neuroscience Education
by Gary L. Dunbar

Neuroscience and the Liberal Arts

by JJ Ramirez

Evolution and the Neuroscience Curriculum:  A Call to Action
by WJ Pizzi

The Society for Neuroscience and the Undergraduate
by AE Stuart

Commentary:  Work through SfN — but Keep Higher Education and K-12 Separate
by RF Olivo

Commentary:  Toward a Better Neuroscience Tomorrow:  Thoughts on the Society for Neuroscience and the Undergraduate
by EP Wiertelak


Teaching About the Brain and Reaching the Community: Undergraduates in the Pipeline Neuroscience Program at the University of Pennsylvania
by BL Edlow, K Hamilton, & RH Hamilton

Methods for Handling Missing Data in the Behavioral Neurosciences: Don’t Throw the Baby Rat out with the Bath Water
by LH Rubin, K Witkiewitz, J St. Andre, & S Reilly

The Use of Case Studies in Teaching Undergraduate Neuroscience
by WM Meil

An Undergraduate Neuroscience Seminar Based on the Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience
by DJ Bucci & WA Falls

IFEL TOUR:  A Description of the Introduction to FUN Electrophysiology Labs Workshop at Bowdoin College, July 27-30, and the Resultant Faculty Learning Community
by K Mead, J Dearworth, W Grisham, GA Herin, H Jarrard, CA Paul, R Waldeck, J Yates, & J Young

Use of the Pyrithiamine-Induced Thiamine Deficient Animal Model of Korskoff's Syndrome for Exploratory Research Activities in Undergraduate Physiological Psychology
by RW Flint, Jr; JE Hill; LA Sandusky; & CL Marino

Utility and Versatility of Extracellar Recordings from the Cockroach for Neurophysiological Instruction and Demonstration
by RL Ramos, A Moiseff, & JC Brumberg

Media Reviews

Media Review:  Shaken:  Journey into the Mind of a Parkinson’s Patient
by KS Mead



Eric Wiertelak
Macalester College

Gary Dunbar
Senior Editor
Central Michigan University

Bruce Johnson
Associate Editor
Cornell University

Aaron Cecala
Elizabethtown College

William Grisham

Jean Hardwick
Ithaca College

James Kalat
North Carolina State

Barbara Lom
Davidson College

Michelle Mynlieff
Marquette University

Julio Ramirez
Davidson College

Raddy L. Ramos
NY College of Osteopathic Medicine/NY Institute of Technology

Amy Jo Stavnezer
College of Wooster

Bob Wyttenbach
Emory University

Michael Zigmond
University of Pittsburgh